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Category Archives: Week 7

A blogger, Dan Piller, writes about how green NASCAR is in his blog “NASCAR confirms move to E15 ethanol.” You would think that the cars are extremely tunes for pure power and racing so they would burn the most inefficient fuel in order to obtain the power, but it turns out to be quite different. Demand for crude oil as fuel as been dissolved with the use of ethanol fuel, which is produced from corn. NASCAR claims that ethanol fuel is not just to contribute to more efficient cars, but also adds a few extra horsepower to the cars.

Dan Piller informative blog caught my attention by being a little unexpected; not many people would expect a race car to be green. Piller has a very broad audience, and his article may even inform environmentalists that NASCAR is not completely inconsiderate about the environment.



How can you use this information in your life?

Ethanol has been an increasing alternate fuel. I will have to look more into the technology in order to determine that I may want to buy a car that supports using ethanol. I would not consider myself to be a die hard environmentalist, but I do like to know how much pollutants I contribute and if there is anyways on being more efficient


Bill Willis, the webhost of, provided information on how a nuclear bomb works. Mr. Willis explains that there are two types of nuclear bombs, an atomic bomb and a hydrogen bomb. Nuclear bombs work of either splitting or combining atoms, because there is energy that is used in both those processes that if not used, will be released as an explosion. Hydrogen bombs release much more energy compared to atomic bombs because fusion produces much more stable elements, requiring less energy to bind, therefore releasing more energy.

Mr. Willis descirbes in much more detail on how these two bombs work just for educational purposes and is for anyone interested in physics or how these weapons are used. The last paragraph being about using these concepts for more beneficial resources shows the bias that Mr. Willis is not for the use to be warfare, also Mr. Willis describes the bombs, “weapons of mass destruction” which has a negative connotation.

The reason I read this article was because my teacher, Mr. Gurgen, brought up the though of how these bombs function. Not knowing the answer made me curious, so I searched the web for it.


What did you learn today as you read that you did not know before? What surprised you? Explain why it surprised you?

Prior to reading, I did not know that atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs were two different concepts. I never knew that humans have been capable of fusion which surprised me the most, because I thought the only existence of fusion was in the sun.

“Teraflop Troubles: The Power of Graphics Processing Units May Threaten the World’s Password Security System ”  is an article that will change your passwords, for it describes the threat graphic cards can have towards common passwords. Researches at Georgia Tech Research Institute, GTRI, are testing the performance of GPU’s (graphic processing units) to brute force passwords, even the complex long passwords.

GPUs are fast right now, and  they will continue to increase exponentially in speed. The article informs readers the dangers of these new advantages that GPUs have and not only being good to play video games. The capability of cracking passwords got my attention extremely quick because I have experience in using GPUs for password cracking, also this article will grab the attention of not only common people, but also catch the attention of computer programmers and hackers.

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How can I use this information in your life?

By understanding the new risks in security, I could increase my password lengths because I have had issues with hackers finding out my password and just spamming me.