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Palo Alto High School journalism student, Sam Herzog, posted his article “Bay Area schools employ tough tardy policies toward students” describing both administrator’s and student’s side of tarty sweeps throughout different schools. As administrator sees the tarty sweeps a necessity, students believe tarty sweeps are “pointless.” Tarty sweeps are intended to  control the number of tarties that are caused by students walking to class nonchalantly.

Herzog organized this story very objectively by asking both sides about their opinions, but looking very carefully shows there were more quotes leaning towards how inefficient tarty sweeps but still does not necessarily show his beliefs. Many quotes are about how tarty sweeps are a “fear tactic.” There immediately shows a serious tone by the controversy of the topic between the students and administrators. The reason I read this was because I was caught in a tardy sweep while doing my job in publications class, and based off my experience how tarty sweeps are “a punishment,” I wanted to look more into details how other schools deal with tarty sweeps.



What is the most important thing I learned? Why?

The most important thing I learned is that other schools also do tarty sweeps to try to discourage students. I do not agree with tarty sweep policy as even first time tarty students are punished while other students who have on record for being tarty numerous times are dealt in the same manner. Los Banos High School tarty sweeps showed me how little administration cares about students’ education by taking them out of classes that some students would rather be in to learn.


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