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The article “Why Most Shampoos are a Waste of Money” posted on describes how innovated Kronos shampoo is. Based on the technology other shampoo companies put into their products, most shampoos do not help at all to fix or repair your hair. This is because the nutrients that are supposed to repair hair are too big of molecules to be absorbed into hair or the follicle, which makes sense. Kronos hair products has solved this problem by simply decreasing the size of molecules so they can be absorbed in hair. Kronos has proved with clinical trials that 96% of consumers can notice a difference by using their hair products.

As this sounds all nice, you will finish reading the article to notice in harder to read print, “This article sponsored by Kronos…” As bias as it is, the statistics seem nice, and the simplicity of their solution to truly fix hair is easy to understand, which makes highly attractive to consumers in need of better shampoos. The title captivated my intention, so I decided to read it in order to find out why shampoos do not work.



What did you learn today as you read that you did not know before? What surprised you? Explain why it surprised you.

As I was always curious on how hair products could help if you just wash it out of your hair, I learned that my idea is mostly right. It surprised me that this was a problem with other shampoos if Kronos solved it by just reducing molecule size. I still would not spend more than a couple dollars on shampoo being that I do not care about how healthy my hair is, all I like from shampoos is to get the oil and dirt out.


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