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New York Times has released a type of schematic for an argon powered rocket. NASA has developed this new rocket so we can travel to distant planets faster by providing a constant thrust. Argon is accelerated with magnetism and produced into plasma, and even though one argon atom is extremely small, one atom produces one pound of thrust. For reference, 6 gallons will yield about 6*10^23 atoms (600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms) which is a lot of energy put into a small space, and that is only at normal atmospheric pressure.

Any one interested in space exploration will be interested in this new rocket. I personally believe that new technological advancements like theses will help put humans on another planet. USA might be the first to walk on the moon, lets hope they are the first to walk on Mars as well.



As you read today, were any questions that you had answered by what you read?

Ever since the first rocket, it has always seemed to be the same solid rocket fuel used with the same technology. I have been expecting a new type of propulsion to be invented for a while now because of how inefficient the solid rocket fuel seems to be. The new argon powered rocket relieves me to know that new propulsion mechanisms are coming out. I cant wait to see it in action



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