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Jonah Goldberg wrote an editorial “Ameria’s list for assassination”, which is about the stereotypical hit list. I guess the hit list is not such a big secret after all, although very controversial. The President of the US approves a known al-Qaida propagandist, Anwar al-Awlaki, on the CIA hit list as a national security. Controversy about whether or not this list is right to do is the other side to the argument.


I believe that the hit list is for the citizens protection, especially considering al-Awlaki stated he wanted to kill US citizens including babies, he should just be executed. Goldberg’s editorial was geared towards justifying the hit list (In Texas this would not be controversial). I chose to read this article because I knew little to nothing about the hit list or if it even existed or not.



What did you learn today as you read that you did not know before? What surprised you? Explain why it surprised you?

I did not know that the hit list was real or not, and how public it is. It surprised me that people are not in favor of killing national threats to this country considering that people are always want to feel safe when walking the streets.


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