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Adrienne Selko informed readers about new technological advancements in solar panels in his article “New Low Cost Solar Panels Ready for Mass Production”. Professor Sampath has been designing a new way to create a solar cell that decreases production cost by almost two fold, as well as resources in manufacturing being efficiently use to reduce excess materials. The new technology will render cheaper energy costs from solar plants and cheaper consumer solar panels.


Selko’s article will promote readers interested in solar power to have hope for soon  more affordable solar power for homes. You can tell Selko was not just regurgitating information by all the research he had to accumulate in order to provide statistics on the topic. The reason I read this article was for my interest in new technologies, and I have fascination with solar cells for personal use.




How can you use this information in your life?

I may not be able to directly use the particular information that the article supplied, but It does give me examples that I will need to major in chemistry for my goals in life of becoming an inventor and entrepreneur.


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