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“Teraflop Troubles: The Power of Graphics Processing Units May Threaten the World’s Password Security System ”  is an article that will change your passwords, for it describes the threat graphic cards can have towards common passwords. Researches at Georgia Tech Research Institute, GTRI, are testing the performance of GPU’s (graphic processing units) to brute force passwords, even the complex long passwords.

GPUs are fast right now, and  they will continue to increase exponentially in speed. The article informs readers the dangers of these new advantages that GPUs have and not only being good to play video games. The capability of cracking passwords got my attention extremely quick because I have experience in using GPUs for password cracking, also this article will grab the attention of not only common people, but also catch the attention of computer programmers and hackers.

(Authors name cannot be provided

How can I use this information in your life?

By understanding the new risks in security, I could increase my password lengths because I have had issues with hackers finding out my password and just spamming me.


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