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Saito Yutaka made a very interesting computer processor; a functional paper processor. A simple 2-bit processor wont execute Photoshop, YouTube, or even Microsoft Word, but it will teach you how processors work.

These instructions will teach you how to use the paper processor, although may require a little bit of background knowledge to understand completely (I will have to do more research to understand more). Many electrical engineers will be interested in this article and probably take it as a funny tutorial for beginners considering the informal instructions.


Did you come across a problem in your reading that you had no considered before? what was the problem? Could you solve it? How?

I came across the problem of not completely understanding the article. Even though it was extremely interesting to me and encourages me to try out this demo of how a processor works, I will need to do a little bit more of research to comprehend what exactly is going on.


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