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At least that’s what Intel claims.

Jeremy A. Kaplan, a foxnews writer, writes about the recent exploit towards HD content in “HDTV Code Crack Is Real, Intel Confirms”. Kaplan interviews Intel about this new exploit and the possible effects on retail of HD content. Intel confirmed that the master key for decrypting HD content has been released, but hackers still wont be able to pirate HD shows or movies.

As being highly interested in hacking, the article brought my hopes up of being able to watch blue-ray movies without the $50 price tag, although the content of the story destroyed that idea. Many other hackers shall be interested in this article and most likely find this informative story as a milestone in hacking HDCP protected materials.

Intel explains how ever though hackers have the master key, they will not be able to pirate HD content because they would need to design a silicone chip to incorporate the exploit. The serious tone that Intel has is enough proof to believe they know what they are talking about, although few hackers will still be determined to exploit HDCP further.


As you read today, were any questions that you had answered by what you read? List the questions that you had and the answers that you came up with from the reading. Are you satisfied with what you learned, with these answers? Why or why not?

I wanted to know if it was possible to copy blue-ray disks that my friends had so I can watch them at home, but the article proved that it is not possible to do so. I’m not very satisfied to learn this, but I know in time that it will be possible to do so.


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