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Anand Lal Shimpi, posted his article “Gigabyte’s i-RAM: Affordable Solid State Storage” on Shimpi discusses the new invention by Gigabyte, a computer motherboard manufacture, that innovated RAM chips to be used for extremely fast (and cheap) harddrives. Shimpi is extremely excited for this product because nothing else like it has been invented before. Computer savoy people, enthusiasts, and geeks, would all alike be interested in this article that demonstrates the performance and reliability of this new product.

This article caught my attention because I, being a computer geek, enjoy learning all the different hardware out there that you can use to speed up your computer. Shimpi made it extremely descriptive by including actual benchmarks of the product, also by clocking the speed difference in real life situations. He also mentioned the more in depth look on how it ran by mentioning the processor that made everything possible which leaves me to assume Shimpi is highly educated about computers.

What techniques does the author use to make this information easy to understand?

Shimpi used real life examples on how fast this product really was instead of just stating the speed being DDR200, which made information extremely easy to grasp.


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  1. Nice articles. Can you put a link to the original articles in the future. I would like to read the school newspaper online, also.

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