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Jasmyn Caredio, a senior at our high school, wrote “Teenage Unemployment on the Rise” on the schools online news site. Caredio was informing us on the current unemployment rate in California, and partly Los Banos. Her objective tone makes it formal, although I personally believe that it would be taken a little more seriously if an urgent tone was used more frequently like in her lead.

Teenagers would be likely to read this article. I personally read it because I have been passively looking for a job with no luck, and now I understand why I haven’t had any luck so far. Just a little over 30% of unemployment for us teenagers seems a little ridiculous. I would imagine teens want their first job and show that they want it by making the effort to find one. Teens have to be legally supported by their parents but a teen wanting to find a job shows he really wants to be “grown up.”

Are any of the real life situations or people that you read about in your material for today similar to situations that you have experienced before in life? How were they similar? How were they different? What information surprised you?

Teens not getting employed is directly related to my situation of not being able to get a job. The odds are only one and three teens, which was very surprising, but in real life odds seem lower.

Caeenage Unemployment on the Rise


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