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Roni Caryn Rabin, a writer for the New York Times, informs readers about a bad experience with a laser pointer in his story “Hazards: Watch Where You Point That Laser.”

As being a DIY person, and wanting to build my own high power laser, I decided to read this article anticipating that I will better understand how dangerous lasers can be. Rabin wrote about a 15 year old boy who burn his eye, severely altering his vision. The boy was only a few feet away from the laser which makes me a little more cautious on how a strong lasers can be, also how a stupid mistake can be life changing.

This article was intended for anyone interested in technology and also for owners of these high powered lasers, and I highly recommend reading this article if you are not currently familiar with the safety hazards of lasers. The boy could not count fingers more than a three feet away after accidentally shinning the laser in his eyes causing him to be considered legally blind.

What did you learn today as you read that you did not know before? What surprised you? Explain why it surprised you?

Today I learned from the experience of a 15 year old boy the effects of shinning a high powered laser in your eyes. What surprised me is the effects of simple laser to the human eye because, I don’t believe a 150mw laser to be very powerful considering I was looking on making a 1000mw laser. I should reevaluate if my project of building a powerful laser is really worth the risks.


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